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18 April 2011 @ 03:55 am
Drabble Dump 001  
 Holy crap. I wrote a drabble damp. All in favor of gaining points for my Personal Mile System (I can't believe I actually copied it.) 
I guess this shows my taste in music, too. Which is pretty weird for my age. Haven't written anything since last year. So, my brain's dead.

Title: Here is Your Hit (Song Drabble Dump!)
Author: Rainwashes8
Pairings: Subaru/Yasu, Koyama/Tegoshi/Shige, Tegoshi/Massu, Tacchon-cat/Subaru/Yasu
Characters: Various JE groups
Rating: G to PG-13 at most

Paint the sky with stars
Subaru/Yasu - Under the Bridge, Red hot chili peppers; Rockstar, Nickelback; Goodbye to You, Michelle Branch; Forgiven Not Forgotten, The Corrs; Paint the Sky with Stars, Enya

The street lights look nothing but a mass of neon blur. The window of his car has started to fog up as he sways subconsciously, strumming on his guitar. It's as if he's in a stand-still; he's been here for far more than three hours and his legs have long been numb, yet he won't even bother moving. Beside him, Subaru hummed out wordless melodies.

Yasu smiled to himself and continued strumming.

Their harmony was both warm and lonely-- or at least it was for Yasu. After a while, Subaru stops singing along; he's probably asleep already. Yasu drops his guitar softly on the seat of the car, stands up and stretches.

He then writes a little note on an apple-shaped post it. He whispers in Subaru's ear, 'goodbye' and leaves the note on the car window.

As the sky breaks into dawn, Subaru wakes up to find a piece of paper noticeably stuck on the window.
'I loved you.'

I Hope you’re happy
Koyama/Tegoshi/Shige - I'm only Happy When It Rains, Garbage; Perfect, Alanis Morissette; Hold on, Good Charlotte; Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers

Shige sips from his bitter coffee and smiles as the rain pours down: it reminds him of a little thing from before. He watches the city from inside the cafe.

"Here's your order, sir," he hears the waiter say. He simply nods.

A tall man runs awkwardly across the street, it's Koyama. He feels a vein pop. Of course he could identify him from a crowd. Shige was always the one waiting for him to reply, only to find out that he's already asleep; he's the one who always tries, who fights, who struggles. It's irritating how everyone else pities Koyama for getting his heart broken, but it doesn't matter anymore. Let them think what they want to think.

He breaks into a fit of laughter when he sees the tall and awkward man bows apologetically to a shorter man. "Of course he's meeting Tegoshi!" he utters in between giggles.

The coffee is warm in his stomach, and the weather is perfect. He saw the most important person in the world to him; can the day get any better?

He smirks as he pays his bill, stands and makes his way to the happy couple. He has to greet them, right? It's only polite.

Best Friend
Tegoshi/Massu - I'll Be, Edwin McCain; Kawaita Hana, Kanjani8; Duvet, boa; Lion Heart, SMAP; Far Away, Nickelback

Massu feels warm and fuzzy. He sits stiffly as Tegoshi's head lays languidly on his shoulder; he doesn't want to wake him up after all. He shifts his weight slowly, and sighs in relief when Tegoshi remains in slumber.

He watches the man's fluttering eyelashes, and somehow, he feels something inside him twist as he remembers the few moments ago when this angel was practically drowning in tears. His breath hitches in his throat as he realizes that those tears were for another man.

The sound of dry leaves blowing in the empty streets loosens him up. He yawns and gives in to the relaxing moment. He watches the clouds block the moon in the sky. He won't let another tear stain Tegoshi's face. Unless they're tears of joy, of course.

Being second best isn't always a bad thing.

Your body is a wonderland
Ohkura, Yasu/Subaru

Only When I Sleep, The Corrs; No Way Out, Katori Shingo; Party Don't Stop, Yamashita Tomohisa

Today is a special day. He purrs in delight as he rolls on the clean, fluffy carpet. He runs excitedly on the clean, shiny floors and slips and promptly gets up and starts running again as if it didn't just happen. Two minutes later, he falls asleep on the clean, soft couch.

Today is when his master decides to clean the house-- his girlfriend's coming over.

He wakes up to a bunch of colorful nails gripping his body. "Is she yours?" the gir--, wait, it's a guy? "Yeah," his master declares. You're gay? Wait, you're not correcting that?

Ohkura then receives his first kiss. From a human. A very much male human.

"Yasu, Ohkura's not very comfortable with strangers," his master says while serving tea. Ohkura nods as if he were epileptic. He couldn't agree more.

"What are you saying? He obviously likes me."

"Well, just be careful of his claws," Subaru-master warns. They're very sharp and they're not just there for seeing. Okay, maybe a little.

Yasu starts massaging the cat. Ohkura lifts a paw, but gives in and falls asleep just like that.

Can't blame the cat, now. Yasu's fingers are magical.

And Subaru can't help but agree.


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I did. Three years ago. My first foray into JE fanfic writing. :P